The Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography has signed a contract with Khanh Hoa provincial authorities to conduct research on reviving coral reef ecosystem for the purpose of marine eco-tourism.

Accordingly, from 2014-2016, scientists will zone up areas offshore where coral reef biological systems can be restored.

In addition, the institute will revive the coral reef biological systems in two areas to serve as a model for this work in the future.

Earlier, the institute conducted a research project on coastal coral reef ecosystems in the central province for sustainable management and use of the chosen areas.

The waters offshore Khanh Hoa province is home to a number of locations where natural coral reefs exist, including Van Phong, Nha Trang and Cam Ranh bays.

However, illegal activities such as fishing using explosives and exploiting coral reefs for decoration purposes or for making limestone have severely damaged or even destroyed some coral reefs.

Since 2001, Khanh Hoa has set up a pilot marine conservation area in Ran Trao of Van Phong Bay and then another at Hon Mun to gradually restore the marine ecosystem in general and coral reefs in particular.

Many domestic and foreign tourists have chosen the province to visit for its beautiful coral reefs, besides the famous beaches.-VNA