This year's Vietnamese Book Awards took place on Dec. 27 with the Kim Dong Publishing House taking home a slew of prizes.

The awards, which are divided into the Good Books and Beautiful Books categories, were selected from a total of 26,000 books published this year.

Taking home the top prize in the Beautiful Books section was La Co Theu Sau Chu Vang, (A Flag Embroidered with Six Golden Letters), which told the story of young national hero Tran Quoc Toan (1267-85) and was published by the publishing house.

In the category of Good Books, Chuong Thau and Pham Ngo Minh won with their book Huynh Thuc Khang (1876-1947), a patriotic and scholar. The 1,800-page book had taken an extensive period to compile and features poems, writing and research by Khang.

Thau and Minh include personal stories and a biography of Khang, the strong-willed scholar who led the Vietnamese people in the Duy Tan movement against French domination./.