A photo exhibition on the life of King Duy Tan, one of the last kings of the Nguyen Dynasty, was held in the ancient imperial city of Hue on August 15.

The king’s third son Claude Vinh San arranged the exhibition to mark King Duy Tan’s 113th birthday. On show are 24 panels with photos arranged in chronological order, documenting the three main periods in the king’s life: life as king, life in exile and life of a resistance fighter.

King Duy Tan was born as Prince Vinh San on August 3, 1900 in Hue city. He took the thrown when he was only seven years old, with the name for his reign called Duy Tan. His rule lasted only nine years when in 1916, the young king was caught in a coup against the French colonialist regime. He was then exiled on Réunion island, a French colony.

In 1936, he joined France’s Popular Front and later the resistance against Nazi domination in 1940.

The former king died in a plane crash in Central Africa in 1945.

In March 1987, King Duy Tan’s remains were shipped back to Vietnam and buried in Hue city under his wish.-VNA