The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Science and Technology (HDST) on August 10 singed a minutes of cooperation with Kipa group of the Korean Invention Promotion Association.

The cooperation programme will mainly focus on the research of information, the introduction and consultation of technology.

Accordingly, the HDST’s research centre for applications and services of science-technology will provide Kipa with information in an effort to get the group’s supports in searching for new technologies based on subjects of studies and projects carried out in developed countries worldwide, especially the Republic of Korea .

The programme will help Vietnam have access to updated technologies, improve product quality and the effectiveness of production. Kipa will also assist the country train human resources in the consultation and transfer of technology.

An opening ceremony of a showroom of technology transfer and information on cooperative programmes between Ho Chi Minh City and nations across the world as well as initiatives and new technologies in numerous fields also took place in the city on the same day.

The showroom is part of cooperation programme between the HDST and Kipa, said Le Hoai Quoc, the HDST’s Deputy Director.

“We believed that the partner will work with Vietnam to seek for new technologies and introduce suitable and cheap technologies for domestic businesses,” he said./.