Locals in Tuy Hoa city, Phu Yen province have had the chance to witness a spectacular kite flying festival. Artistic kites soaring high in the sky is a sight to see for both locals and holidaymakers.

Both local and regional artisans have come together to create the most stunning kites to feature at the festival. Varied in shapes and sizes, the kites have portrayed the skills of the kite making artisans. Funny and interesting sea creatures such as octopuses, shrimps and dolphins are the main inspirations for kite makers. 

Colourful kites have created an uplifting atmosphere for Tuy Hoa sky, generated momentum for the province’s tourism scene as holidaymakers everywhere have travelled to Phu Yen province in recent years.

The event is part of the provincial cultural and tourism week in response to the National Tourism Year./.