Flying kites has been popular among local villagers for over a millennium. The afternoon sky above Ba Duong Noi village in Dan Phuong district in Hanoi is full of colourful kites in various shapes and sizes. Making kites is also the village’s traditional craft, and they are so renowned they have represented Vietnam at international kite festivals.

The kites made in Ba Duong Noi village are called Ke Ba kites. Different from others found elsewhere in Vietnam, Ke Ba kites are in a boat shape and over two metres long and 50 centimetres wide. A standout feature is flutes attached to the kites, which produce a pleasing sound as they glide through the air. The flutes are made from bamboo, magnolia, or oak.

Flying kites in Ba Duong Noi is not only a source of fun for kids after school but also for adults and even elderly villagers. Images of villagers, from old to young, flying kites in tranquil green fields are found all around the village, as the tradition lives on./.