Korean, German, Vietnamese artists to combine in dancing epic hinh anh 1Main artists in the dancing epic 'Promise 800': Bui Nhu Lai, Peter Schindler, Chun Yoo Oh. ​


Hanoi (VNA) – Artists from the Republic of Korea (RoK), Germany and Vietnam will work together to produce a historic dance performance, according to the Ho Chi Minh City Ballet Symphony Orchestra and Opera.

The organisers said in a press conference in HCM City on November 26 that the performance, titled “Promise to 800” revolves around Prince of the Ly Dynasty Ly Long Tuong who fled to the Korean peninsula in the 13th century.

The event, which promises to be an attractive performance from artists from three countries with three artistic styles, will open on December 1 at the HCM City Opera House and at the Au Co Art Centre in Hanoi on November 4.

Dance artist and choreographer Chun Yoo Oh, a Korean living in Vietnam, theatre artist Bui Nhu Lai of the Youth Theatre House, pianist Peter Schindler from Germany and two cellists are among artists involving in the creation of the play.

Chun, who has been involved in organising Vietnam – RoK cultural exchange activities, said that she was inspired by a true, touching story about Prince Ly Long Tuong when writing the play.

The choreography of the play was created by Chun and Jung Sun-goo, using many artistic languages, and a combination of dancing art, theatre and live music performance on the stage.

The two worked together to produce a dance performance on the My Chau Princess in Vietnam in June.

In 1226, Prince Ly Long Tuong of Dai Viet rode huge waves to reach a remote sea to seek shelter and after a long sea trip, he arrived in a land named Ongjin on the Korean peninsula of the Goryeo nation at the time.

Prince Ly Long Tuong helped native people in a fight against pirates and with daily life.

When the Mongolian army attacked, he pushed back the enemy and under the Goryeo Dynasty. He was a mandarin of high rank, and his sons administered huge areas of land and were given high-ranking titles.

After nearly 800 years, there are currently around 2,000 people who are descendants of the Ly Dynasty in the RoK.-VNA