Republic of Korea businesses and the Korean community in Ho Chi Minh City have raised 234 million VND to help Vietnamese brides return home and re-establish themselves in Vietnam after their marriages to Korean men have broken down.

The sum will be used in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho , where more than 3,000 women have married Korean men since 2008, many of them returning home due to broken marriages.

RoK Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City Kim Sang Yoon, on August 5, handed over the donations to Can Tho’s Women’s Union and met with Can Tho’s authorities.

He expressed his regret over the death of Thach Thi Hoang Ngoc, also from Can Tho, who was killed by her 47-year-old mentally-ill husband in July, only eight days after she had arrived in the RoK.

He said the relevant RoK agencies are currently investigating the case while the RoK government is taking measures to protect the safety of the 35,000 Vietnamese brides who reside in the country.

The Consul General has consulted with several Vietnamese agencies, including Can Tho’s authorities, to draw up effective solutions to ensure that partners in Vietnamese-Rok marriages are happy and treated equally.

Kim also mentioned that funding of 5 million USD will be provided to set up a vocational training centre in Can Tho City.

The centre will provide life skills training for women going to the RoK, including classes on the RoK’s language, culture, customs, laws and basic rights, for Vietnamese women who will get married to RoK men./.