Vietnamese labour exports to Japan have seen good signs as many enterprises and factories have resumed business activity after the recent natural disasters, said the Lao Dong (Labour) daily in an article on May 10.

At the Department for Management of Overseas Workers under the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA), 70 percent of contracts for labour export in the past two months were to Japan.

According to the department, 588 Vietnamese workers were sent to Japan in April.

Nguyen Xuan Vui, General Director of Airseco, which has involved in labour export for a long time, said that following his tour of seven Japanese prefectures after the earthquake and tsunami, Japanese firms increased their recruitment of workers to produce goods that had been lost.

He added that many Vietnamese workers stayed in Japan to share difficulties with Japanese enterprises, helping to improve the image of Vietnamese workers and create opportunities for labour export businesses.

However, Vietnamese workers must improve their Japanese language skills and give up some bad habits in order to compete with those from other countries, Vui said.

At present, Airseco needs over 200 workers in mechanics, food processing and garment manufacture to assist Japanese firms.

Between May 9-June 10, Japanese firms will hold several interviews at Airseco to supply workers.

Nguyen Gia Liem, Head of the Board for Management of Vietnamese Workers in Japan, said that Japanese firms’ plans to enrol workers were unchanged, although factories needing materials from tsunami-hit areas met some difficulties./.