The online job market continued to recover with the rise in labour demand indexes in the fourth quarter of 2009, according to Vietnam ’s largest online job services website’s report said that the online labour demand index in the fourth quarter of 2009 rose by 5.2 percent against the previous period. Retail sales, accounting/finance, administrative/secretarial, information technology-software and marketing had the highest demand for employees, said the report.

The labour demand index showed the trend of increasing at the end of the year, the report said. The result was attributable to the positive impact of the national economic recovery, said Navigos Group, the leading and largest recruitment solutions provider in Vietnam .

Meanwhile, a fall of 21.2 percent in the fourth quarter’s online supply index helped narrow the labour gap and offer more opportunities for candidates in their job search. General Director Chris Harvey said that the quarter’s report was based on the results of a survey of 59 industries and reflected changes and requirements on the labour market./.