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Hanoi (VNA) – Senior citizen workers – men 60 and older and women 55 and older – can continue working in difficult, harmful or dangerous conditions for five years maximum, the Ministry of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs proposed in a draft decree that aims to solidify the Law on Occupational Safety and Health.

Under the draft, in order to continue working, the workers must obtain health records issued by lawful agencies proving that they are healthy enough to stay on at their jobs.

In addition, they must have working experience of at least 15 years, including at least 10 years doing difficult, harmful and dangerous jobs. In some cases, skilled senior citizen workers are granted the title "artisans" by the Government and must pass a test before signing the labour contract, which allows them to continue working longer.

A Ministry of Labour list of occupations classified as difficult, harmful and dangerous includes more than 2,000 vocations in the fields of mining, chemicals, construction and food processing as well as workplaces with harsh outdoor conditions or high exposure to chemicals, dirt and pollution.

Employers who wish to hire senior citizens in these positions must submit proposals to the ministry that oversees their business. The proposal must include the job title, job description, working conditions, and the goal and impacts of the employment.

Employers must offer regular health checks to senior citizen employees, at least twice a year.

They also must assign at least one younger worker to work with the senior citizen worker.

Lawyer Le Van Dai from the Hanoi Bar Association told that according to the Labour Code from 2012 and a Governmental decree, employers can extend labour contracts or sign a new one with senior citizens when the employees have proved their health eligibility through legal agencies. Otherwise, they must terminate the labour contracts.

In the event that they sign a new labour contract, the retired senior citizen will receive retirement pension, salary, allowance and other policies regulated in the contract, he said.

The employer will pay the workers not only a salary, but also a sum equal to their premium for social, health and unemployment insurance.-VNA