A seminar to discuss ways to promote sound labour relations for better competitiveness of Vietnamese garment and footwear businesses opened in Hanoi on August 25.

The event was jointly organised by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

During the event, delegates shared measures to build sound labour relations in the workplace, such as holding positive dialogue among employers, employees and relevant sides like trade unions and company partners, as well as establishing a dialogue process to ensure its reliability and transparency.

Vu Huu Tuyen, Deputy Director of a project funded the United States Agency for International Development on supporting implementation of labour laws and promotion of sound industrial relations in Vietnam, said that employers need to view labour relations and human resources management from a strategic, instead of traditional angle.

Patrick Gilabert, Chief Representative of UNIDO in Vietnam, said that businesses should raise awareness of their social responsibilities through environmentally friendly production, improvement in labour practices and raising global competitiveness.

The participants agreed that in order to ensure sound labour relations, both business and employees must abide by labour laws.

Businesses need to ensure favourable working conditions, build strong trade unions, fully implement labour policy, build a progressive, collective labour agreement and hold regular dialogue between business and employees./.