The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs and Better Work Vietnam held a workshop in Hanoi on May 20 to promote the implementation of international standards on labour hygiene and safety.

Participants said Vietnam has promulgated legal documents in the field, helping to create an important legal framework to protect the health, rights and interests of workers.

Meanwhile, the National Week on Occupational Health and Safety – Fire and Explosion Prevention has drawn more attention from workers.

Vietnam has built its law on occupational safety and hygiene (OSH) and gained experience from other countries worldwide to draft regulations in line with international practices and conventions.

The country has joined the International Labour Organisation (ILO)’s Convention 155 on occupational health and safety; Convention 187 on national labour safety; Convention 184 on labour safety in agriculture; and, most recently, Convention 187 on the promotion framework of occupational safety and health.

However, some shortcomings still lie ahead; for example, the technical documents on labour hygiene and safety have yet to be updated, while the insurance policy for labour accidents and occupational diseases addresses the consequences without suggesting means of prevention.

Ministries and sector leaders now plan to map out a roadmap to help Vietnam effectively implement its commitments to the joined conventions to protect the legitimate rights of employers and employees.

According to the National Steering Committee for Occupational Health and Safety – Fire and Explosion Prevention, more than 6,700 labour accidents occurred nationwide in 2014, killing 630 and injuring 1,544 workers.

The same year, the country reported 2,370 fires, claiming 90 lives, leaving 143 injured, causing an economic loss of over 1.3 trillion VND (62 million USD), and destroying over 1,300 hectares of forest.-VNA