In recent years, villages which have advantages in tourism in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau have contributed money and efforts to developing infrastructure to lure more visitors while building new style rural areas.

Lao Chai 1 village in Khun Ha commune is one of three villages of Tam Duong district, which is piloted for new style rural area in association with community tourism development. The people in the village agreed to contribute workforce and donated land to build internal roads.

Tam Duong was the first district selected by Lai Chau province to develop a model rural village in combination with tourism development. Currently, the district has 5 out of 13 communes meeting the new-style rural standards, 117 villages have access to electricity and 42 villages have green landscape. Among them, three villages are incorporating community tourism.

The movement to promote new style rural areas in combination with tourism development is an effective choice of many villages with strength in tourism in Lai Chau province. At the same time, focusing on helping people build economic development models will create momentum for local poverty reduction.-VNA