The Province People's Committee of Central Highlands Lam Dong province has approved a project to provide vocational training for rural labourers at a cost of more than 115 billion VND (5.5 million USD) from 2014 to 2020.

About 7,000 - 10,000 rural labourers will be trained each year, with 60 percent of them expected to take jobs in the agriculture sector. The remaining 40 percent will work in industrial, non-agricultural sectors or as guest labourers in other countries.

Under the project, at least 80 percent of the trainees will either continue their current job at a higher income or be hired by another company.

Each worker will be offered a grant of 2-3 million VND (95 – 140 USD) to take a three-month short-term training course.

The province has 10 vocational training centres and over 50 vocational training establishments. About 70 percent of vocational training courses focus on the agricultural and rural sectors.

Since 2010, Lam Dong has provided vocational skill training for about 30,000 labourers, most of whom live in rural areas.-VNA