Visitors to the Festival of European Languages will have a chance to sample different language courses and learn their first words in a new language at a Goethe Institute Hanoi event on Oct. 15.

Representatives from participating institutions, including the Goethe Institute, Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, Institute Cervantes and the Representation of Wallonie-Bruxelles, will present their languages in the Goethe-Institute's classrooms and library in 30-minute courses covering German, English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian and Finnish.

Instructional materials such as posters, picture books and short films will be used to learn about the different countries and their languages, allowing visitors to experience the linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe .

The event falls on European Languages Days, which also saw a conference themed Multilingualism – Challenge and Chance for a Global World that took place on Oct. 14, with four keynote speakers.

Co-organised by several European cultural institutes and embassies, European Languages Days aims to introduce European languages and discuss Europe 's linguistic diversity and its role in an international context./.