Language training will be provided for workers across Thailand this month in an effort to prepare them for the upcoming formation of the ASEAN Economic Community.

After chairing a meeting with the Ministries of Interior, Education, Tourism and Sports and Industry on the plan to improve Thai workers’ language skills, Thai Permanent Secretary for Labour Somkiat Chayasriwong stated that the training on English as well as ASEAN languages is aimed to prep the workers for the regional integration in 2015. He said the training courses will be conducted independently by each province based on the locals’ needs.

Somkiat revealed that each provincial governor will develop a curriculum and propose it to the central committee for consideration by June 20 before the language training project commences in July.

He said the Labour Ministry’s database on workers will be improved, with more in-depth information to be collected. The new database will be used to support the development of human resources in Thailand and the restructuring of the education system by the Ministry of Education in the future.-VNA