The mountainous northern province of Lao Cai has recently made a big change in industrial development strategy by diversifying its industrial production activities, said the Vietnam Economic News.

The province’s industrial sector has expanded its production activities to metallurgy, fertilizer, chemicals, construction materials, hydroelectric power, agricultural processing and support industries, added the Vietnam Economic News.

The mining sector has focused on exploiting copper, iron, gold, and kaolin to serve for domestic production. In addition, metallurgy, fertilizer production and chemicals have recorded strong growths.

The province’s hydroelectric power has seen rapid growth, attracting investment capital of tens of trillions of Vietnam dong. To date, the province has 32 hydroelectric power plant projects, contributing to provide power to all communes and almost all villages in the province.
According to Lao Cai Department of Industry and Trade, in 2013, the proportion of industrial production, trade and services accounted for 82 percent of the province’s economic structure.

According to Director of Lao Cai Department of Industry and Trade Do Truong Giang, the establishment of industrial zones and clusters has created a breakthrough in the province’s industrial development. For example, the Tang Loong Industrial Zone with an industrial production area of about 650 hectares is given for metallurgy, chemicals and fertilizer production.

Meanwhile with advantages of location and good infrastructure service, Dong Pho Moi Industrial Zone and Bac Duyen Hai Industrial Cluster are home to production activities such as engineering, agricultural processing, construction materials and consumer goods.

The province aims to develop a complete production line for its mining sector by providing both mining and smelting services.

According to statistics, Lao Cai province ranked second in terms of iron reserves. To date, iron has become a main material for the Lao Cai Iron and Steel Plant with a capacity of one million tonnes per year at the initial stage.-VNA