Lao Cai police arrests drug trafficker, seizing 10 bricks of heroin hinh anh 1Tan Thi Chan (L) was caught red handed at about 7pm on October 16 (Photo: VNA)
Lao Cai (VNA) – Police in the north mountainous province of Lao Cai has arrested a female drug trafficker, seizing 10 bricks of heroin.

Tan Thi Chan, born in 1983, residing in Pha Long commune in Muong Khuong district of Lao Cai province, was caught red handed at about 7pm on October 16 on An Duong Vuong street in Lao Cai city while smuggling the drugs.

In addition, authorised agencies also confiscated related documents hidden in her handbag. 

The case is being further investigated. 

In July, Lao Cai police arrested three men for illegally transporting nearly 25kg of crystal meths, including 18,000 tablets of amphetamine.
Sung A Sinh, born in 1992 and residing in Hoi Cha village, Nam Vi commune, Muong Nhe district of Dien Bien province; Thao A Nha, born in 1955, and Vang A Hau, born in 1988, were caught red handed on Highway 4D in Coc San commune, Bat Sat district, Lao Cai province. Both Nha and Hau reside in Nam Nhu commune, Na Po district, Dien Bien.
At the police station, the three confessed that they were hired to transport the drug amount from Dien Bien to Lao Cai for 208 million VND (about 9,150 USD).-VNA