Laos’ Pasason daily newspaper on August 19 ran an article highlighting the significance of Vietnam ’s August Revolution victory in 1945 and praising Vietnam policy in building a law-governed state.

The article hailed President Ho Chi Minh’s judicious leadership in bringing victory for the national revolution and freedom for Vietnamese people.

In the context where the country was facing with many difficulties and challenges, the country elected outstanding individuals to lead the people to fight against invaders and protect the revolution’s achievements, it said, adding that the experience in the national defence had been inherited and promoted through the process of building a socialist law-governed state in line with the CPV’s guidelines.

In its conclusion, the article underlined that the 11 th National Party Congress’s Resolution focused on building a law-governed state of the people, by the people and for the people.

It affirmed the result of the 13 th National Assembly election as well as the Cabinet structure has reflected determination of the Vietnamese Party and people in setting up a real law-governed state for the people./.