Lao tourism sees signs of recovering after reopening hinh anh 1A tourist complex in Laos. (Photo: VNA)
Vientiane (VNA) – The number of tourists coming to Laos increased again after it lifted travel restrictions in January 2022, said the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism’s Tourism Development Department.

The Laotian Times cited figures from the department that more than 42,000 foreign nationals entered the country on tourist visas in the first half of this year, with the highest numbers arriving in May and June.

The average stay for these arrivals was 7.9 days, with spending averaging around 83 USD per person. As a result, tourism revenue generated from the group reached approximately 4.55 million USD in the period.

Most of the international arrivals came from Thailand, Vietnam, and a spattering of other ASEAN nations.

Domestic tourism also increased, with more than 600,000 Lao people travelling within the country and spending an average of 45 USD per person over 2.5 days./.