Laos’ Deputy Prime Minister Somsavad Lengsavath suggested the International Civil Aviation Organisation ( ICAO) supports the country to improve its civil aviation at a reception for President of the ICAO Council Roberto Gonzales on October 30.

At the reception, Deputy PM Somsavad Lengsavath voiced his hope that commercial aviation will soon become a key sector in Laos to boost its cooperation with other countries.

The sector has seen certain achievements thanks to foreign assistance over the past years, but still needs innovations in terms of the upgrade of aeronautical infrastructure, air traffic management, safety control and other relevant activities, he added.

He said he hopes that ICAO support will help Laos raise its capacity in the field and widen airline cooperation as well.

The Deputy PM made it clear that the October 16 aircraft accident in Laos, killing all 49 people on board, urgently asked for the improvement of the field as soon as possible.

For his part, the ICAO president highlighted the development of Laos’ aviation sector with a growth rate of 20 percent last year. He affirmed that the assistance of international experts in overcoming the air disaster is necessary and shows the responsibilities of aviation partners.-VNA