Hanoi (VNA) – A major supplier in Laos has said that petrol supplies in this country may face “some gaps” after the government held an emergency meeting to address soaring prices and panic buying.

Consumers had to queue for hours to stock up on fuel as many gas stations were closed last week, media reported, noting that Laos relies on imports from neighbouring Thailand for most of its petroleum.

Thai oil and gas firm PTT Oil and Retail Business Plc, which operates 53 gas stations in Laos, said it plans to distribute fuel as usual, but that there may be "gaps".

Last week, the Vientiane Times said a weakened kip currency, high inflation, and an unstable global oil market are making it hard for fuel importers to meet public demand.

The Lao Government played down the situation, saying it was "not that much of a crisis", but held an emergency meeting and asked the public not to panic./.