A photo exhibition and a gala night were held in the northern province of Sayabuli, Laos, on August 11 to mark Vietnam’s August Revolution on August 19 and National Day on September 2.

On display were nearly 100 pictures highlighting the special friendship between Vietnam and Laos as well as the achievements recorded by the Vietnamese people in national defence and construction over the past 40 years.

The gala night brought this relationship to life with joint performances by artists from the Lao province, the Cultural and Art Association of Vietnamese Ethnic Minorities and Vietnamese-Laotian amateurs.

Their performances, which conveyed a message about the Vietnam-Laos friendship and drew inspiration from the land and people of the two individual countries, won loud applause from a large audience including the Vietnamese diplomatic corps and senior officials of Lao’s Sayabuli province.

Vietnam and Laos share a 2,067 km common borderline and have enjoyed a ‘good neighbour’ relationship for a long time, with the first stone of the foundation for this friendship laid by the two countries’ first Presidents - Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam and Souphanouvong of Laos./.