Lao National Television (LNT) on May 6 received a documentary film on President Ho Chi Minh from Artha Nantachukra, a Thai scholar.

Entitled “Spirit of Vietnam”, the 15-episode film features revolutionary activities of President Ho Chi Minh during the 1928-1929 period, as well as the lives of the Vietnamese community in Thailand, especially in the northeastern region, and these people’s sentiments toward the President.

Bounchom Vongphet, General Director of LNT said that the film will give Lao people an insight into the great life and career of President Ho Chi Minh, who fought tirelessly for Vietnam’s independence and friendship with other countries, especially the Vietnam-Laos relationship.

Dr. Nantachukra, Deputy Head of the History Department of Maha Sarakham University, said that the film manifests Thai filmmakers’ sentiments to President Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese people./.