Vientiane (VNA) – The Lao government has imposed the penalties on illegal foreign workers and businesses’ operators as an effort to ensure that expatriates in Laos comply with the law, Vientiane Times reported.

Any foreigner or stateless person who undertakes a job that is not legally permitted by the relevant authorities will be fined and further penalised, according to Decree No.21 on fines and measures against individuals who violate the laws and regulations regarding exit and entry into Laos, and the management of foreigners in Laos.

The decree, which comes into force on March 12, stipulates that those committing the first violation will be fined 2 million LAK (213 USD).

The fines will rise further to 3 and 5 million LAK respectively for the second or third breach of the rules. Those committing the third violation will have their residence permit revoked and will be deported and prohibited from reentering Laos.

The 13-page decree is part of government attempts to more strictly regulate illegal foreign workers and business operators. It comes in the wake of previous reports which suggested that many people from neighbouring countries are working in Laos illegally./.