It has been a long time since these two veterans had the opportunity to visit the area where they fought and shared joy and sorrow with Vietnamese soldiers who went to Laos on international duty.

The Plain of Jars - Xiangkhouang is located along what was then the transportation route from North Vietnam to the Indochinese battlefield. For many years, the US invaders constantly bombed the area. And here, the Vietnam-Lao comradeship and brotherhood matured over the years.

Growing up as a communications soldier, after 40 years in the army and retiring in 2006, Lieutenant Colonel Khamdy Vannahak still can’t forget the names of the Vietnamese experts who not only lived and fought together with Lao soldiers but who also taught them Vietnamese and professional skills, helping him and his teammates grow up later.

Decades have passed, and the dense bomb craters on the Plain of Jars have become a famous tourist site. Visitors to this place can not only learn about the mystery of the thousands-of-years-old jars but also about the fighting alliance and the special Laos-Vietnam relationship./.