Five major cable television providers, namely SCTV, VTVcab, VNPT, Viettel, and FPT, are competing to offer multiple services to win more subscribers.

Instead of using separate lines, customers will need only one line to simultaneously use different services, including high-quality television, internet, and telephones.

Saigontourist Cable Television (SCTV), a large television operator, has been providing telecommunication services for nearly two years.

SCTV has provided integrative packages; for example, analogue cable television and internet, digital television and internet, as well as television and internet, and fixed telephone lines.

The more services customers register for, the more preferential rates they will be offered.

VTVcab charges fairly low prices for television and internet service packages.

Both VTVcab and SCTV have applied a free-of-cost policy on equipment such as HD digital receivers, modems, and WiFi routers, as well as complimentary gifts such as milk or helmets.

While SCTV and VTVcab have an upper hand in television content, as they can produce domestic channels, FPT, VNPT, and Viettel have the advantages of transmission line as well as financial potential.

The three telecommunication providers also offer multi-services on a single cable line.

VNPT has made many promotional offers for customers who register for their television service, if they are already using their telephone and internet packages.

VNPT has garnered 900,000 subscriptions within three years.

Ha Van Dung, director of Nghe An cable television, said pay TV market share in Nghe An is dominated by Viettel.

Although Viettel provides "3-in-1" services, it is relying on its strong internet service to bring in revenue instead of exploiting its television service.

Many Nghe An cable television subscribers have shifted to Viettel, he added.

Local cable television companies, which provide only one service, will be taken over by major operators in the next five years, Dung noted.

Luong Quoc Huy, SCTV Deputy Director, observed that price reduction is the worst business solution.

Television providers should integrate services to bring down prices and provide more services.

According to Huy, more services such as over-the-top television or video-on-demand will be integrated into one cable line in the time to come to attract more subscribers.-VNA