The national stock market continued its recovery on both bourses for the second consecutive trading session on April 10, as large-cap shares remained the most important factor in boosting the market.

On the HCM Stock Exchange, the VN-Index went up 0.64 percent to close at 554.03 points. Of all stocks advancing, codes outnumbered declining stocks by 123 to 85, while 73 others remained flat.

The market's trading volume rose by 10.3 percent to reach more than 104 million shares, valued at nearly 2 trillion VND (95 million USD), an increase of 1.72 percent.

Further, the VN30 Index, tracking the 30 largest codes by market value and liquidity, gained 0.86 percent to end at 583.34 points.

The thirty largest stocks traded nearly 40 million shares, reaching a remarkable value of 1.08 trillion VND (51.4 million USD).

In this basket, advancing stocks continued to outnumber declining stocks by 18 to two, while ten remained flat.

FLC Group (FLC) was the top active code on the southern market, trading nearly 6.9 million shares at 10,600 VND, an increase of 0.95 percent.
On the Hanoi Stock Exchange, the HNX30 Index increased by 1.05 percent to finish at 156.73 points. The number of advancing stocks was double the number of declining stocks by 15 to 7, as 8 others remained flat.

FIT Investment JSC (FIT) remained the most active code on the northern market, with more than 4.2 million shares being traded. Its price per share gained 9.92 percent to stand at 14,400 VND.

The HNX-Index grew 0.74 percent to finish at 82.98 points. Among all stocks, 113 stocks advanced, 73 declined and 77 remained unchanged.

The market's trading volume increased by 8.1 percent to 42.7 million shares, while its trading value rose by 5.6 percent to reach 521 billion VND (24.8 million USD).

Finally, foreign investors were net buyers on both markets on the day. They recorded a net buying value of 226.2 billion VND (10.7 million USD) on the HCM market and 8.23 billion VND (394.5 million USD) on the Hanoi market.-VNA