The Cam Pha seaport has so far discharged its yearly target of handling 23 million tonnes of coal, including 13 million tonnes for export, reported a senior official.

Bui Dinh Trung, Deputy Director of the Storage, Transport and Cam Pha Port , said the port is operating to full blast handling an additional 1.5 million tonnes of coal for the rest of the year.

The Cam Pha port leads the nation in cargo-handling volume with up to 28 million tonnes of coal going through the port annually.

The port has two main parts, the Cua Ong seaport and the Hon Net port. Cua Ong is capable of receiving 100,000 tonnes freights. The transit Hon Net port consists of three docks each capable of handling some 50 cu. m. of coal and receiving freights as heavy as 200,000 tonnes.

In addition to coal handling, the company is offering logistics for ships and handling several other cargoes such as ammonia nitrate.

Trung added that the coal-mining Quang Ninh province is zoning off its scattering ports into four concentration areas in a modernisation effort to quit the traditional handling method and launch environmentally-friendly pipe chains by 2015 in the interest of the province’s tourist industry./.