The last group of 175 Vietnamese workers in Libya left the northern African country for Tunisia by road on September 17.

This is the last evacuation of Vietnamese workers jointly held by the Vietnamese Embassy in Libya, a working team from the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs, and labour export companies, said Vietnamese Ambassador to Libya Dao Duy Tien.

The last group comprises 103 people working in the coastal city of Misrata and 72 others in Ghadamis oasis town under labour contracts between SONA Co.Ltd. and the Vitech company and local contractors ANC and Misrata General Construction Company (GCCM).

The workers travelled by bus to the Ras Adjir border gate between Libya and Tunisia before taking flights back to Vietnam at Tunis international airport, said Nguyen Duc Nam, head of the working team in Tripoli.

However, there are two workers remaining in Ghadamis despite persuasions from their families, labour export companies and Ambassador Tien.

Regarding to three workers reported missing from late July, the Vietnamese Embassy has made contacts for many times with local authorities and relevant agencies and employers, asking for help in a search for them, but yet to locate whereabouts of the three workers.-VNA