A grand meeting was held in Vinh City in central Nghe An province on September 6 to mark the 110 th anniversary of the birth of the Party’s late General Secretary Le Hong Phong.

Phong, whose original name was Le Huy Doan, was born in 1902 to a farming family in Thong Lang commune (now Hung Thong commune), in Hung Nguyen district.

He grew up in the area with a strong patriotic tradition that was home to many famous feudal intellectuals, which subsequently nurtured his patriotic spirit and revolutionary zeal.

As a young man with a passion for revolution, Phong met Nguyen Ai Quoc, later known as Ho Chi Minh, and soon became an eminent disciple of the late President.

Addressing the function, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said that Phong had devoted his lifetime to the country’s revolutionary cause, adding that the late Party leader’s revolutionary life and devotion have left later generations a number of precious lessons.

He managed the Party’s work during the setbacks of the 1930s, along with the Party’s Central Committee, and conducted a host of activities to revive the Party and boost revolutionary movements, while maintaining the people’s fighting will and belief in victory, said Trong.

After overhauling numerous revolutionary movements, he and the Party Central Committee began the necessary preparations for establishing the Indochinese Democratic Front.

Phong was also an enthusiastic international activist, who was profoundly patriotic but retained an international spirit, Trong noted.

His life and revolutionary cause were a reminder to each Party member and leader to raise the people’s revolutionary will, their spirit of self-awareness and resolve to fight for the country’s revolutionary cause, said Trong.

Later the same day, Trong and a high-level delegation paid tribute to the late Party leader at the memorial house in Hung Thong commune, in Hung Nguyen district.-VNA