The South African Embassy in Vietnam and the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO) held a commemorative ceremony for late President of South Africa Nelson Mandela in Hanoi on December 12.

Speaking at the ceremony, South African Ambassador to Vietnam Kgomotso Ruth Magau highlighted the important historical milestones in the life and career of the late President, who had brought in great and meaningful changes to his country’s history.

VUFO President Vu Xuan Hong expressed his deep condolences to the late President’s family, the South African people and peace-lovers all over the world.

He said late President Mandela, a symbol of peace and tireless fight against apartheid, will live forever in the hearts of people in Vietnam and other nations.

Foreign diplomats participating in the ceremony were also saddened by the passing of the late President.

They expressed their belief that South African people will overcome this great loss and follow their eminent leader’s example to jointly build a better future.

Mandela passed away on December 5 at the age of 95.

He was a staunch soldier and a prominent hero of the South African people, who devoted his whole life to the fight against oppression, injustice and apartheid, and constantly sought freedom, justice, equality and social progress for South Africa and the world.-VNA