National Assembly deputies conducted votes of confidence in Hanoi on November 15 on 50 key positions approved at the eighth ongoing session of the 13th legislature the day before.

Chairman of the NA Office Nguyen Hanh Phuc reported the results of the discussions in group on the field.

Lawmakers elected a 29-member counting board head by Huynh Van Ti, head of the National Assembly delegation of central Binh Thuan province.

According to the board, deputies express “high confidence”, “confidence”, and “low confidence” in officials elected or approved by the National Assembly, including the President and Vice President, the NA Chairman and Vice Chairpersons, the Prime Minister, cabinet members, and the Chief Judge of the Supreme People’s Court.

The result of the vote will be announced later the day.

Also the same day, deputies discussed draft law on the election of deputies to the National Assembly and People’s Councils, and revisions to the Law on Special Consumption and other tax laws.-VNA