The National Assembly Standing Committee met in Hanoi on August 13 to consider the draft Personal Records Law.

A Government report which was delivered at the discussion, which was part of the committee’s ongoing 20 th session, stressed the need to issue the law to lay a long-term, stable and united legal foundation for the registration and management of personal records.

At the same time, the move will help fix existing problems and forge sweeping changes in a more professional and modern way that matches the demand for national development in the new period, it said.
However, a majority of lawmakers said they are not totally satisfied with the contents of the draft which is divided into 6 chapters and 68 articles.

According to them, the procedures of personal information registration and its requirements remain vague and unspecific. Added to this, it has yet to help reduce or replace current papers like identity card, passport and family record book, but potentially causes more troubles for people in administrative formalities.

Others stated that many contents have yet to manifest the State’s role and position in managing citizens, some of which could easily lead to increasing costs paid to registrars.

Concluding the discussion, Vice Chairman Luu asked compiling agencies to work with the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the NA’s Law Committee to review and examine all draft contents to ensure the interests of all people and the State.-VNA