National Assembly (NA) deputies called for clearer stipulations on the responsibility of Government offices, organisations and individuals in terms of public administrative management in the draft revised Law on the Organisation of the Government at the Nov. 21 session.

Several deputies said that with the function of the Government as the NA’s executive body, the law needs to fix the numbers of ministries and ministry-level agencies, Deputy Prime Ministers, Deputy Ministers and deputy heads of Government offices.

They also underlined the need to have more provisions on the Government’s function in State management, compared to the current law.

However, there were also opinions that the law should not be too detailed in the number and names of ministries to allow for quickly adjustment when necessary.

An issue of great interest is the definition of responsibility for each government level, sector and locality. Many deputies emphasized that the revised law must address a major shortcoming of the current administrative apparatus, which is unclear division of responsibility between the central and local governments.

Several also proposed the clarification of the role of the Government in protecting the Constitution.

On November 24, the NA will debate a draft Law on the Organisation of Local Authorities.-VNA