Laws on Complaints, Denunciation prove effectiveness hinh anh 1A large number of land complaints have been handled (Illustrative image. Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – More than 13,600 citizens have had their rights protected thanks to the enforcement of the Law on Complaints and the Law on Denunciation that took effect four years ago.

State administrative agencies handled more than 386,500 complaints lodged in 268,225 cases, reclaiming 860.7 billion VND amd 316 hectares of land for the State, and resuming rights for 13,617 citizens who was given back 512 billion VND and 418.6 hectares of land, reported the Government Inspectorate at a conference in Hanoi on December 15.

Nguyen Van Kim, acting head of the Justice Department under the Government Inspectorate said that in 2012-2016, the number of complaints and denunciation reduced 54.6 percent, while those sent to administrative agencies dropped 39.3 percent.

However, the complaint and denunciation in a number of localities remained complicated, especially during important political events such as elections and the Party Congress, he said.

Kim noted that the complaints are mostly related to compensation, ground clearance support, land reclamation, religion and land ownership, while the denunciations are on State officials’ law violations, corruption and wastefulness.

The official attributed the complicated situation to limitations and shortcomings of laws and policies, especially those related to land use, compensation and resettlement support, which led to conflicts in the interest of the State, land users and investors.

Leaders of a number of State administrative agencies have failed to fulfil their responsibility in receiving citizens and dealing with their complaints and denunciations, while the law awareness of citizens remained poor.

During the conference, participants also pointed out a number of shortcomings of the Law on Complaints and the Law on Denunciation, both issued in 2011. They suggested that the laws be revised to become clearer and more specific relating to procedures and the handling process towards more open, objective and transparent.

The revision should be synchronic with the Constitution and other relevant legal documents.

They also proposed the close monitoring of the implementation of the Land Law 2013, thus making adjustments to the law to reduce complaints. It is also crucial to strengthen law communications among the community to raise their awareness.-VNA