Lawmakers examined four reports on the amended draft laws on the organisation of government and local authorities, military service and the draft veterinarian law during their plenary session in Hanoi on November 3.

The National Committee on Laws suggested the relationship between the Government and the Prime Minister be specified in the Government organisation bill.

Its 8 chapters and 50 articles should define what areas are under the supervision of which ministries and agencies in order to avoid overlaps in management.

The bill on organising local authorities would alter their functions and tasks, as well as the relationship between the People’s Council, the People’s Committee and the Vietnam Fatherland Front, and socio-political organisations.

The amendments to the draft law on military service span 8 chapters and 60 articles, outlining new policies for enlisted men and women.

New points in the draft veterinarian law focus on the monitoring of epidemics, funding for preventive measures, and State management.

Legislators will discuss in groups the draft proposals to amend and supplement the laws on special consumption tax and other taxes on November 4.-VNA