Letting children learn English from the very young age (3 – 6 years old) is becoming a new trend in Vietnam and other Asian countries.

According to experts, children between the ages of 3 and 6 are developing thinking and creative abilities; motor function and language ability. This is very good time for learning foreign language.

There are many new leaning programs on the market suitable for young children like LETS (Learning English through subjects), GrapeSEED (natural language acquisition).

Creative teaching methods using pictures, songs, stories, games draw attention from children and make them interested in English.

Many English centers have built an environment where children can learn English like they are playing a game, which will motivate them and make them learn a new language with a happy attitude. Those creative teaching methods will stimulate children’s development. Because of that, many parents have let their children to learn English from early years.

Vietnam ranked 41st out of 88 countries and territories around the world in the 2018 global English Proficiency Index (EPI). The ranking was made by Education First (EF), an international education company that focuses on language, academics, and cultural experience.

According to EF, from 2011 until now, Vietnam has good progress in English proficiency. The survey from EF also showed that Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have the highest English proficiency.

Foreign teachers also have good words on their student’s ability to learn English.