A delegation of left-wing American friends is on a visit to Vietnam to study the land and people here now, the Vietnam-US relationship, as well as the enduring consequences left by the war.

On August 24, the delegation was received by Nguyen Thi Binh, former Vice State President and Chairwoman of the Vietnam Peace and Development Fund.

Recalling international movements supporting Vietnam during the two resistance wars, Binh affirmed that the Vietnamese people always remember and be grateful to international friends, including those from the US , who took part in anti-war protests and peace-support movements for Vietnam .

After briefing the guests on Vietnam ’s renewal achievements, as well as the Vietnamese Government and people’s continuing efforts to overcome the consequences of the war, Binh expressed the wish to receive continued attention from US peace activists, especially on the impact of Agent Orange/dioxin on the land and people in Vietnam .

On behalf of the US delegation, lawyer Ramsey Clark, 85, who was an anti-war activist, said he was pleased to see a Vietnam with impressive developments after such a long period of war in defense of the country.

On this occasion, the US delegation proposed a programme to help discover and treat cancers that are most prevalent amongst Vietnamese women.

During their stay in Vietnam , the American friends visited the Vietnam Friendship Village in Van Canh, Hanoi. /.