Local residents in Ham Yen district, Tuyen Quang province have escaped from poverty and made profit thanks to a new lemon variety that bears both fruits and flowers during four seasons.

From the beginning of this year, Hoang Thi Huyen, a farmer in the northern province of Tuyen Quang, has harvested over 65 tonnes of citrus fruit, earning around 43,000 USD in profit. Huyen’s farm houses 700 four-season lemon trees.

There are over 80 hectares of four-season lemon trees in Ham Yen district, with each hectare turning out an average output of 30-35 tonnes of fruit. In addition to the current orange variety, the four-season lemon fruits are now helping local residents escape from poverty.

Phu Luu commune is seeking to set up a four-season lemon tree cooperative in a bid to make the tree the province’s staple plant. The commune also urges locals not to excessively expand the growing area to avoid oversupply./.