Well-known contemporary dance Out of Context by one of the most famous dance troupes in Europe, Les ballets C de la B, will be staged for the first time in Vietnam on August 19 at the Ho Chi Minh City's Opera House.

According to the troupe's dramaturge, Hildegard De Vuyst, Out of Context is a "dive into the caverns of human existence in search of the roots of childhood and prehistory. Of something in between man and animal, a kind of harmony that passes by (or precedes) the duality of beauty and ugliness, good and evil, me and you, individual and community."

The dance's movement material covers the entire range of spasms, convulsions and tics.

"Small tics swiftly alternate with big swings. Restlessly and nervously, " Vuyst said. "Even though it is possible to draw lines of continuity in the language of movement, the title Out of Context also evokes the expectation of something ‘different'."

The music for Out of Context is described as "the driftwood of a few centuries, washed ashore as the remains of human civilisation. The human voice is at the centre in an attempt of (re)construction and communication. The microphone is its extension. Every now and then, we only get as far as a murmur, a hum, a roar."

Out of Context was proclaimed by the European jury of the German magazine Tanz as the best production of 2010, and by the French cultural magazine Les Inrockuptibles as best dance performance of the year. It won the 2011 Dora Mavor Moore Award for most outstanding performance in Toronto.

Les ballets C de la B (of Ghent, Belgium) was founded by Alain Platel in 1984. Its motto is "This dance is for the world and the world is for everyone".

The company has won 30 prestigious prizes in Europe.-VNA