A proposal to ban the sale of alcohol in karaoke parlours by the Ministry of Health under a freshly released draft law on alcohol harm prevention has sparked public concern.

Some karaoke bar owners have said the ban is unfeasible and unfair. Many karaoke-goers have said they go to ease stress, party and say drinking in moderation is fine.

Despite an increase of diseases, accidents and social disorder linked to heavy drinking, law experts have acknowledged that banning alcohol in karaoke parlours is unfeasible.

The Ministry of Health has said the ban is not a new regulation; it’s regulated in a decree issued by the Government in 2009 but has not come into effect because drinking alcohol is a habit, people drink at most parties and festivals.

Therefore, the ministry and authorised bodies should strengthen dissemination work, while increasing public awareness about alcohol consumption in the most sensible way, instead of prohibition./.