As many as 476 National Assembly (NA) deputies, accounting for over 95 percent of Vietnam ’s lawmakers, have agreed on the proposed list of 47 individuals who will face votes of confidence at the ongoing fifth session in Hanoi on June 10.

Earlier, NA Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung made a report on the implementation of Resolution No. 35/2012/QH13, which involves the casting and collection of votes of confidence for elected or approved officials holding positions of power.

Hung said that the 47 officials submitted reports to the NA deputies offering a self-review of their work performance and the results achieved during their time in the position, in particular in the past year.

According to the chairman, close consideration of the country's socio economy, defence and security status and diplomatic situation would reveal where shortcomings exist that have not been effectively resolved and also reflect the performance of those officials. He added another important source of information is the feedback submitted to the NA by voters from across the country in recent months.

The top legislator stressed that the casting of confidence votes must be made in a careful, objective and fair manner to ensure that the process is transparent and effective.

He told the NA deputies that they had themselves been selected to represent the political and legal rights of citizens, so therefore it was their responsibility to use their votes responsibly.

Explaining the criteria for the selection of the 47 names, Hung said the officials facing the vote had all held their positions for at least one year.

Former Finance Minister Vuong Dinh Hue, who was recently reassigned to the position of Head of the Party Central Committee’s Economic Commission, is not named in the list as he was no longer Finance Minister.
The newly-appointed Auditor General of the State Audit, Nguyen Huu Van, and the newly-appointed Finance Minister Dinh Tien Dung have also not served a long enough term to be included in the vote, said the NA chief.

The results of the confidence votes will be released nationwide on June 11.-VNA