A set of 50 oil paintings by painter Do Duc which were displayed at an exhibition entitled “Living on Rock” brought to the public a view, full of emotion, on the lives of people in the karst plateau of Ha Giang.

These paintings are a meaningful present the painter gives to the ethnic people and the northern mountainous area where his artistic ideas were nourished during his stay there.

Do Duc’s paintings show the imposing landscape of the mountain area and the life of the local people. His paintings are not only in Dong Van Karst Plateau, but also in a whole northern border area, spreading from the west to the east with Ha Giang being the centre.

In most of the paintings, rocky mountains and people here are always depicted together in a harmony, bringing the feeling that the rocky mountains are indispensable in the life of people. It seems to protect them ( Mountain Town ), accompany them (At the Hoang Lien Son’s Foot) and bring about joy and nostalgia (Missing Khau Vai).

The people become small and spotlighted among the imposing landscape of rugged rocky mountains on Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geo-park.

It is the contrast that makes each painting lively and brings the viewers different tones of feelings about the daily lives of people in the border area where each person is considered “a piece of rock life” with a strong vitality.-VNA