A memoirs detailing the career of a prominent diplomat made debut at the Hanoi-based National Museum of Vietnamese History on April 8.

The memoirs, entitled “Nguyen Duy Trinh - Resilient Communist, Outstanding Diplomat”, was published by the National Political Publishing House. The 483-page book is divided into two parts, namely “Nguyen Duy Trinh with the Vietnamese Revolution” and “Nguyen Duy Trinh with Diplomacy”.

The first part includes personal writings and articles by Party and States leaders and veteran revolutionaries who worked closely with Trinh over various periods. The writers also contribute in the second part detailing his efforts to develop Vietnamese diplomacy.

Trinh (1910-1985) was Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam in 1965-1980. He was perhaps best known for his contribution to the success of the negotiation process towards the Paris Peace Agreement between Vietnam and the US from May 1967 to January 1973.

Trinh was one of the four signatories of the agreement.-VNA