Eight residents in the vicinity of world heritage site Ho Dynasty Citadel in northern central Thanh Hoa province took a chance to depict their love for the heritage as well as challenges to maintaining its vitality by cameras.

As many as 100 photos being exhibited at the Ho Dynasty Citadel Heritage Preservation Centre in Vinh Loc district from November 23 were taken out of over 1,000 photos covering six main topics including heritage life, daily life, heritage love, existence from land and water, opportunities and challenges, and expectations.

With a view to preserving Ho Citadel via photos and films, the project named Building and Displaying in the Vicinity of the Ho Dynasty Citadel using Photovoice Methods has been implemented within the area since June 2014, with support from UNESCO Office in Hanoi.

The residents in the vicinity of the Ho Dynasty Citadel participating in the project were given cameras and training on photographic and film-making skills to capture what they saw.

The project is also a means to raise the awareness of local residents and encourage them to actively take part in the preservation of the cultural heritage values.

Do Quang Trong, Director of the Ho Dynasty Citadel Heritage Preservation Centre, said that the project has helped the local people to express their own emotions, pride and responsibilities for the place where they were born and grown-up.

The centre is seeking the local community’s ideas for the preservation and development of the heritage, he said.

The exhibition will run until March 5, 2015.-VNA