Local publishers work towards digital transformation hinh anh 1Experts say books still have a place in the modern publishing world. (Photo: ipub.vn)
Hanoi (VNS/VNA) - Vietnamese publishing houses are gradually promoting digital transformation to survive and develop, an inevitable trend of all industries, according to industry insiders.

Nguyen Nguyen, Director of the Authority of Publication, Printing and Distribution under the Ministry of Information and Communication, said digital transformation was crucial for the development of the publishing industry, but it wouldn't mean the end of the printed book.

"Despite the increase of e-book publications, the number of printed books has not decreased. Books, as we know them, will not disappear and will never, ever be replaced by information on the screen because they are used in our leisure time and the main tool for our education," he said.

Le Hoang, Vice President of the Vietnam Publishing Association, said the digital transformation in the publishing industry was inevitable and a new trend of development, but still could not replace printed books.  He added printed books still had a role and hardcopy books would continue to exist.

Nguyen said digital transformation in publishing activities has many advantages due to the ubiquity of internet-connected electronic devices.

But the e-book market was still posing great challenges for local publishers due to the poor reading culture in Vietnam, he said.

According to the Authority of Publication, Printing and Distribution, due to the impact of COVID-19, the revenue of publishers sharply declined against 2019.

The number of publishers participating in electric publishing has risen but the number of electronic publications has reduced.

Last year, publishing houses in the country released 36,218 publications, down 2.4 percent to 403.5 million copies. Printed books accounted for 32,158 copies, down 2 per cent to 363 million copies. Meanwhile, 2,050 e-books were also published down 14.6 percent and hitting 1.5 million views.

Advanced technology infrastructure is also key to boosting e-publishing and to meet the increasing demand for e-books, publishers need to rapidly upgrade their information technology infrastructures to provide easier access to e-books.

Le Hoang, Vice President of the Vietnam Publishing Association, said digital transformation always had two sides. As technology developed, illegal activities based on technology platforms have also increased, posing great challenges to publishers. To solve this problem, authorities needed to conduct effective solutions and use sanctions for copyright infringement.

To promote digital transformation in publishing activities, publishers must change their perception, he said.

In terms of management, the Authority of Publication, Printing and Distribution will study and create laws to develop the publishing, printing and distribution industry in a professional and modern manner by working towards digital transformation./.