Vuon Chuoi archaeological site in Hanoi’s outskirts district of Hoai Duc is believed to be Hanoi’s first human settlement. The site is now on the verge of being wiped out due to antique thieves and surrounding construction works. Fortunately, there are still conscientious locals who have carried out measures to protect the site.

According to these people, throughout the years, Lai Xa villagers have voluntarily formed teams to patrol the site to protect it from thieves.

Besides trying to keep the archaeological site safe from thieves, Nguyen Van Hung, a local in Lai Xa hamlet opened an exhibition room displaying artifacts unearthed while nearby construction works were being built.

According to the Vietnam Institute of Archaeology, 90% of artifacts from the Iron Age in Vietnam have been lost. Therefore, such an exhibition room is valuable for history admirers and archaeologists.

Lai Xa villagers also joined hands to open a photo museum in the locality to promote distinctive values of the archaeological site. However, to sustainably preserve and promote the site, there should be more policies and assistance from the local and central authorities.-VNA