The southern province of Long An on March 10 declared that its Que My Thanh and Binh Quoi communes are free from H5N1 virus.

The provincial authorities, however, requested the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Veterinary Sub-department and localities and breeders across the province continue preventive measures.

On February 14, Long An declared an outbreak of H5N1 after the virus was found to kill 300 chickens at a household-based farm in Que My Thanh commune on February 8 and 10. The virus also caused the death of 100 ducks at a private farm in Binh Quoi commune at the same time.

Following the finding, the province carried out vaccination against bird flu in flock at communes vulnerable to the virus.

By March 7, H5N1 virus has hit 24 provinces nationwide.

In January, it killed two persons in the southern provinces of Binh Phuoc and Dong Thap. The victims had reportedly been exposed to ill poultry.-VNA